We welcome any individual to apply for membership to the Hampshire Cycle Club. Prior racing experience is a plus, but we are willing to mentor novice racers to become more confident and to increase their abilities.

Membership Criteria
Interested in becoming a member? Here are some of the criteria that we use to evaluate potential members:

  • Prior cycling experience
  • Prior racing experience
  • Commitment to club duties
  • Volunteering at HCC sponsored events
  • Volunteering as a club officer, race director or official
  • Volunteering on a committee
  • Your desire to participate in WCA and USA Cycling sponsored races

Join Today
If you are interested in becoming a club member and racing for HCC, complete our online application or complete our PDF application form and email it back to us.

Questions or Comments
If you have any questions or comments for the club, please contact us by clicking on the link.