Hampshire Cycling Club is dedicated to the participation and promotion of bike racing. Our club is a member in good standing of the USA Cycling Association and the Wisconsin Cycling Association (WCA). Club members are encouraged to compete in events sanctioned by both organizations, particularly the races held by other WCA clubs.

We’ve Been Around the Block
Hampshire Cycle Club was formed in 1977 by the owners of Rainbow Jersey, Virgil and Jerry Pearce. Our biking club was created to promote the sport of amateur bicycle racing throughout the State of Wisconsin, the Midwest, and the United States. Hampshire Cycle Club members regularly compete in a number of local and national bicycle racing events throughout the United States.

Online Application – Join Today!
Interested in becoming a member? Complete our online application form, or you can download your application and mail to Hampshire Cycle Club, 4109 Stillwater Cir, Waukesha, WI 53189. We look forward to meeting you! Email us if you have any questions.

Hampshire Cycle Club Bike Races
Hampshire Cycle Club also promotes several bicycle races each year. These races provide opportunities for hundreds of riders to compete and gain valuable competitive biking experience.

Bicycle Racing Training
Our cycle club developed a program of organized training rides which are well-attended by Hampshire Cycle Club and other club members. These training rides provide the foundations of bicycle racing and also fine tune your biking skills. Come join us!


Let’s Race!